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Laundry Design

Above all else, the laundry is a functional space. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. A well-designed laundry will help you to enjoy undertaking those mundane tasks and provide you with a comfortable and practical space for washing, drying and ironing while maximising your storage capacity.

Many laundries are compact so clever design solutions are needed in order to maximise every centimetre of space available. A clear understanding of workflow and work spaces is needed to create a laundry that is truly a pleasure, and that’s where our unique understanding of interior design and specialist room design can be applied.

In order to create a room that is full of function and storage, we take stock of the tasks that need to be conducted in the laundry, the size of your family, the size and number of laundry loads you’ll do in a week, how you prefer to hang and dry your clothing, and what other functions you need from the room.

The laundry can be a damp and humid space, so you need to think carefully about choice of materials and fittings to ensure they are suitable, durable and fit for purpose.

We can provide expert advice around not only the design and layout but on materials, fittings and fixtures as well.

Here is a selection of our recently-completed laundry projects – check out all our clever

storage solutions below.

Laundry Renovation