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Bathroom Design

The space once dubbed “the smallest room in the home” is no longer simply a functional room, focussed on the practicalities of bathing. Today’s bathrooms are a haven from our busy lives, a relaxation space we use to rejuvenate our body and minds, and should be designed as a room we’ll love to spend time in.

New manufacturing and printing techniques have provided almost endless options in tile designs and with new, large-format tiles coming into the market, this allows us to really create something special.

We’ll help you navigate the large range of alternatives available

from marbles to mosaics, matt black to rose gold fittings, rain showers to spa baths, to ensure the end result is a bathroom that is your own personal sanctuary.

And, don’t forget technology! From dimmable lighting to anti-fog mirrors, silent extraction systems and self-cleaning toilets – the world is your oyster when it comes to incorporating the latest gadgets and gizmos that will make your bathing experience so much richer.

Our gallery of bathroom design projects will give you an idea of the scope of design ideas we’ve provided to happy clients over the years so please take a moment to

view the slideshow below.

Tarragindi New Build - Bathroom